Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Closing 2013

The purpose of writing down resolutions is to witness for oneself how many/how few one fulfills. I forgot to write down the resolutions of 2013, but I dedicated the year to fulfilling a lot of the resolves of 2012. Here is how:

1. Less Alcohol, more Adventure. --It turns out that 2013 was the year of : plays, discovering new music, d-i-y activities, beginning the guitar (perhaps the end of that adventure as well!), trips to Gokarna &  Bangalore & Bombay & Dharamsala, paragliding, Triund trek, strangers as friends.

2. Lesser hang ups, more experiments. -- talking to strangers, not thinking or researching about the trips-just saying yes, LD, jogging in a public park, wearing dresses/shorts.

3. More talking, lesser messaging. --I've always been a more 'written' person than a 'spoken' person, but I made it a point to pick up calls every once in a while (Berl), LD again, and of course, I stayed in touch with a lot of people from college despite my own expectations of losing touch :)

4. Being the bitch, if that’s what makes you happy even though the world would hate you. --I lost touch with certain people (P-Lo) and did not contact her despite knowing fully well that she was annoyed (suppressed a major people-pleasing tendency here), fought with a colleague about staying late at work because i wanted to and she dint! a petty issue simply because it made me happier, cut L off.

5. Footloose in Old Delhi -- http://wikitravel.org/en/Footloose_in_Old_Delhi#b --DID NOT DO, added this to Resolutions 2014 :)

6. Make a complete fool of yourself, otherwise you will never know. --Ahem, Bangalore was a complete fool-making experience. With this image as my wallpaper, and still not having a clue.

However, I guess I was right to think "otherwise you will never know", because I do know now. and it is just as well. I might have exposed myself (oh God, I hate how literal and figurative this is!) too much and to too much, but at least, now I know where the future does not lie.

It's wonderful knowing that I have a full brand new year ahead of me, knowing with more-or-less certainty where I will be this year, knowing what I really need to accomplish.

Of course, there also remains the tingling suspense of 'Will-I-Won't-I!', its just lovely to vaguely dream about a whole year...the possibilities.

Here's bringing the new one in!

PS: and learning to schedule publication ;) (okay, not learning to schedule publication.)

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Strange Love

"I know the last page so well I cant read the first." --Nada Surf, Inside of Love.

"And but for the sky, there are no fences facing." --Bob Dylan, Mr. Tambourine Man.

Re-affirmation by a stranger.

I was told by an absoltute stranger that I was "absolutely cute" :) which made me very very happy. And made me think of Skand. My first Metro Guy :D I wish I see him again some day and that I remember his face.

Eldie makes me very very happy too. I have been grinning at strangers and smiling myself silly these last 2 weeks. Because I am meeting her today. She is so harmless that when she says something to hurt me, which she does too often now, I cant help but smile. and believe that if I could be as happy as I am when I am only just fighting with her...life could be very very beautiful. :D

So long as your favourite singers are still singing, its not too late.