Thursday, 16 January 2014

Novalis I say. Novalis.

New to me.

I was still blind, but twinkling stars did dance
throughout my beings limitless expanse,
Nothing had yet drawn close, only at distant stages
I found myself, a mere suggestion sensed in past & future ages.

It just feels so personal. So hopeful and so hopeless.
It feels like it should go on to reveal something ...cathartic.

On the cusp of a journey that begins tomorrow. I feel like I am ill prepared for facing certain consequences that must follow from certain acts which began about 3-3.5 years ago. I feel like I had conveniently moved past something which refuses to move into the past.

Here is to setting out on the journey to face the truths of the previous chapter of my life.
It feels appropriate to be reading Novalis right about now, as I enter this phase of 'clearing new land'!

Happy Journey.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Opening 2014

Lessons 2013: 

1. Realization is always a belated friend and when she arrives, it is safe to assume it is too late already.
2. Our fates are sometimes ascribed by our assumptions.
3. Sometimes how people react is not indicative of how they feel at all.
4. Some things we will never learn-like keeping your wits about you. and it is okay.

Resolutions 2014:
I maintain another blog, and a lot of the content here has already been posted there. For the last vestiges of anonymity, I will refrain from simply copy-pasting that list :) more so because this feels like so much more a personal journal entry than that entry which is...public. 

>is everything public...impersonal? is that why a secretive relationship is so appealing? is it that my gold loses luster when your eyes witness it? is it also true of all intellectual property?<

So then, here are the core resolutions of the year:

1. Take offense as you would take salt. a pinch at most, and then to flavour and not as an ingredient.
2. Discipline & Health
4. Pay attention to yourself. Dress with care. You are worth your time.
5. Every Quarter-do something adventurous/exceptional/out-of-the-ordinary/unusual/that makes you smile.
6. Travel. If you can/ when you can/ however you can. Now. When you're young. before you're married. before you have unarguably good excuses.
7. Gratitude. Once in a while, a Big Thank You.

This list is neither adventurous nor too ambitious. It is simply, a To-Do list for this year with reasonable requests of myself.