Saturday, 30 October 2010


I was trying to fill out the Amarchand Mangaldas Questionnaire for internship, and the questions they have asked are deeply personal. I am at an absolute loss for things to write :(

the question right now:
Describe any non-academic situation where you have had to defend your point of view. what was the outcome?

Now the only replies I can think are all falling beyond the far side of 'strange'.
Here are a few:

"Recently, my sister introduced my parents to her boyfriend of long and told them of her wishes to marry him. My parents, being slightly conservative, refused to acknowledge her relationship and said that they would find her a groom as per their requirements. They reached an impasse where they decided not to speak to each other. I supported my sister’s view because she had known the boy for very long and they were very well compatible. I convinced my mother, and after endless arguments she finally agreed to ‘consider’ the boy for marriage."

"One of my friends decided that they wanted to try 'everything' in life. Being of a slightly 'violent' bent of mind, he decided to start with killing of little animals. I spent days and evenings arguing with him about all the things PETA stands for. Also, we had a lengthy discourse on whether or not the capital punishment (as state commissioned murder) should be abolished or allowed. Ultimately, i convinced him and he did not kill any animals."

"Being in a Law college makes people very judgmental and critical of other people. every little flaw is magnified and strunized. one of my friends was so judged and condemned socially. I realised then how hard it was to live and compete with the same set of persons, because that naturally causes tension. I complained to the Vice Chancellor and managed to change the rule regarding hostels and sought that the students be allowed to live off campus. The outcome? The rules in my college are so very different now." yea, right.

well, this is pointless.

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