Monday, 17 December 2012

Films & I

I could fool myself for a long long time really. I could go on believing we could be friends and the practical earthy side of me would just be ok.
That romance was not something I felt at all, just something intellectual that I thought about but never ever touched.

But THAT isn't true. There is a lot of hot drama brewing inside. Steaming me up. I wish I could kick you. Fists against your flimsy chest and cry in a pathetic filmy voice. All the while screaming...aisa kyun kara aisa kyun kara and nahi nahi.

But then practical earthy me would start laughing at pathetic filmy me. and that would be how the scene ends. Curtains.


You said
I will call you
And we would talk about
The past,
The Future,
The world as it slept,
Friends and family,
Your past,
Those other things,
The world as it awoke.
You never called
And I find myself awaiting,
A call that doesn’t ring
A letter that never arrives
A message in a bottle
A whisper in the night
Mornings have dawned
And I haven’t slept a wink
And I’m barely alive
And I’m dying with every blink.
The weather’s getting colder.
The Fog is getting thicker.
Life is getting harder
And dreams are long dead.
The whispering night wind
Brings me no peace
The flying papers
Bring me no news
I feel utterly alone--
The train as it weeps in the distance—
And tomorrow will find me
Cheerful and chatty
Drowning out the quiet of
A call that doesn't ring
A letter that never arrives
A message in a bottle
A whisper in the night
And the weeping train and the whispering night winds and the rustling papers
They bring me no rest.