Monday, 29 March 2010

If Only

If only a star would shine tonight,
If only one would fall.
If only a tiny sliver of light,
A wish to undo it all.

If only we could go back
If only we could rewind.
"If only"s just seem to stack,
against the corners of my mind.

If only I could find some peace,
If only relief from doubt.
If only a false sense of ease
An escape, another way out.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

On 'that old feeling' ;)

Well, it's agreed that while writing a poem you must necessarily write about something close to your heart. So here is a scribble, on a subject dear to me, and to many others. It is not mine alone, but a combined composition (artistic composition) along with RPR.

So, you wake up,
& feel shitty.
So not cool
So NOT witty.

You don't feel sad,
You don't feel happy.
All you really feel
is plain ol' crappy.

You make a face,
you let out a sigh.
As you lie there
you wanna DIE.

You get up
& you get out.
It's knocking, knocking,
Theres no doubt.

Sometimes you walk leisurely,
sometimes run to open the door!
At times, its interesting to sit,
many a times-its just a bore.

You better not stop it,
you have no time.
not for song,
not for rhyme.

It may stink...
in the loo :)
Start liking it
it's important poo.

Now it's out,
out in the open.
you're already wondering

Now clean up,
behind your ass
no one likes
to see what you pass.

Come on, clean up
clean up your slime.
No, dont even bother,
you won't get a dime.

SO turnaround
and say farewell.
don't disect the components
you're no longer under the spell

You're relieved its out
you hap'ly said g'bye
you're thinking of next time
YOU ARE! Don't lie!! :P

it's out, you sigh
the memory you treasure
waving it goodbye
boy!what a pleasure.

What is THIS?
Is it a Thesis???
it's jus a song...

well, its been stretched out a bit. but then, when you're writing about something you love talking about, excessive detailing is unavoidable :)