Saturday, 11 September 2010

Out f my HEAD. NOW.

“what should I do? What do you think? What do you say?” Make your own fucking decisions. Stop taking ‘advice’ as the end all…your call, independent decision making, etc etc

Im so tired of being blamed for your decisions because you’re too much of a cunt to think things through and make your own FUCKING decisions.

Im tired of feeling miserable because you’re such a stupid miserable fool. I hate you so much right now, acting like a baby and insulting me like a bitch. Believing that the addendum ‘no offence’ justifies anything and everything you say as you insult, rape, destroy me.

Im sick of your hang dog face. I wish I could kick it.

Im sick of being a friend to you, despite the fact that you did this to me, and did not tell me and let me find out from other people. I cannot hold this gun to my head, wishing someone would kill me now. I am truly, completely, perfectly, absolutely, without questions or qualifications, DONE with your bullshit.

His life is under the gun, he's got to hold every day.

Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now, kill me now.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Because there is a Sun

I jus watched Wake Up Sid, finally. And i found it funny beyond belief!! The co-relation to real life is stupefyingly fascinating. I know that couple. I know them. HAH.

The boy who whines and weeps, and in a shrill, girly voice shouts at the girl for repeatedly calling him a kid. Jus like a kid. T & L have been that way, they are that way. However, i doubt T & L would last, or end up together. I hope they dont. I dont want them to. I dont care if they do, but i wish they i can have my best friend back. so I can stop trolling for 'replacement best friends'. Selfish, superbly. But then no man has been otherwise, and I cannot claim to be even if someone has been. I want my best friend back.

However, If they do end up together, i will be just fine. I am brave enough to confess that I may be lying to myself, but i really think i can survive, be jus fine, live on and dream on. Let it be.

There is a sun, and my day will shine. I will wait for them to break up, or mutually move away, and then slip back in...into both their lives :) Selfish, superbly.