Thursday, 15 January 2009

One Night Love

Let's make love tonight,
tommorow we'll be friends.
This long winding tale
can't imagine how it ends.

You're my one night love
then we go back to our lies.
no more pretense. no goodbyes.

we move on now,
we are no longer one.
you with your bitch.
me with my hon.

safely cuddled in a love-safe hug
can't believe we're over.
can't believe its done.

you're there, and you're not.
the same goes for me.
this vast lying web, of major-minor deceit.

you're just a one night love,
but i cannot believe
how much i love you
and how many we deceive.

i'd promise you tomorrow,
but you're happy with now.
i'd promise forever,
but you're not looking for love.

you're my night love
and there can't be anymore,
I have my sweetheart,
& you have your whore.

confessions of love
aren't good for a sinner.
I'l just turn around
& run back to my lover.

can't be together,
we can't be apart.
don't know where we're going,
let's go back to the start.

no more being honest.
no more telling the truth.
just kiss me now
& then we're through.