Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Wherever I may roam

Sem II turned out to be a lot more fun than SemI...for starters, the formation of RSG...my best-est friends, and teh only ones here with a sense of adventure!!
I mean, u're living alone in Rajasthan...a State huge enough with at least 20 destinations just 5-7 hours away from it...and no one wants to explore???!?....well...watever!
So, RSG set out on teh greatest trip I've ever had...actually, not just RSG...RSG+D, an add-on..nothing more i assure!
We went to Jaisalmer!!the very very very pretty city is tiny enough for us to walk end-to-end, which we almost did :D !
we started off from our rooms at 5.30....sat at the podium and wasted time for about 2 hours...went to CP and had maggie....boring so far.....and tehn we took a lift from ths public carrier delivering empty egg-crates(not exactly, delivering...but he had them in teh bak n made them into seats so we could travel comfortably...) we went to teh bus-stand only to realise tht teh last bus leaves at 5.30....decided to go to udaipur..but tehn took a train to Jaisalmer... :D +D joined us at the stn...n we set off....
a lot happened on teh trip..most of which i have been sworn to never divulge...but it was a lot of fun...getting kicked out of a Rs. 100 wala room and finding another room, roaming teh streets til 11.30....finding no place to dine and tehn getting invited to a wedding, where we did eat! :D
n then staying on an extra, wonderful night...
the journey back...
and tehn teh relief of college...a break from teh adventure....
so what if we went to Jaisalmer and missed out on Sam dessert, and teh akali fossils....do we care?
not really...we got to jaisalmer n back, discovered Little tibet...had amazing food(veg... :( ) and had LOADSA fun!
love you guys, and i promise we are never taking +D again...lazy bum!