Sunday, 29 July 2012

Show me a Human Being with Balls and I will show you genuine surprise.

and it pained me for still hurts. It seems like an inadequate response....hurt, or sorrow. Anger. now that I could accept, I could work with being angry. But it just made me feel so defeated and sad. whats worse is that I can continue living my life, I can still pretend that this did not just happen in my country in the past month. I can pretend this does NOT reflect on ME. 

But it does. It does reflect on me, on my inability to create a better world, on my inability to do more, on my inability to even know, or imagine what I could have done in these circumstances, on my inability to effect change. If i witnessed it...what would i do? who would i call? would i also think that the best thing to do is record it? does writing down my thoughts like this help anyone?

I was upset and I told one of my friends that I just found out about this...he said "you're finding out NOW?" emphasis on my lateness in apprising myself of the news. Seriously? what good did it do for me to find out even then? I have not done anything. You have not done anything. This article dates back to 15th July. half a month has passed. we have done nothing. this reflects on me.