Saturday, 27 October 2007


i'm going home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Bright streaks of smeared reds,
Speaking of trust abused.
Mangled bodies, defiled beds...
I've been used, used, USED.

Black and blue and violet.
pretty coloured bruises..
speaking of violent nights
spent indulging your vile muses..

Red stained white,
i remember ur room.
I remember my tears,
the depression, the gloom!

The black sheep.
i am now the shame
of my family, an embarassment--
"'twas his fault!!", ALL THE SAME.

Speak up child, speak up.
Before its too late..
before the pinks and reds of ur life,
become the crimson blood of hate..
before ur blood becomes blue...and flows
NO mOre.

o one thing..i knw the ending didnt come out too well....but...we cant each be perfect :) ....

Monday, 15 October 2007

The journey from Delhi to Jodhpur, a simple-enough, 16 hr over-night train...not too far away. not too far away.
That's what I thought initially. Now 4 months in Jodhpur, and i realise...I've crossed worlds. From a world where cars move at 40 km/hr to one where they do not go faster than 25; from meeting friends everyday to barely talking for months, yes, distances do grow. the closer you are, the closer you get; the farther, the farther.
I wonder very often what it is about Delhi that i miss the most, apart from the very obvious.
I know....I know what I miss...

I miss waking up and looking out my un-curtained window, and into my balcony...

I miss birds flitting around...I miss seeing birds fly instead of run(o yes..they do)

I miss normal thin lizards..without strange tails and dark markings and squishy bellies full of li'l insects...

I miss Divya's voice calling me from downstairs..asking me to hurry for the bus stop...

I miss praying at night..sitting on my floor, with the candle burning...

I miss proper sunday english mass...with less thn 7 min songs...

I miss the hugs, the love, the warmth of home....

I miss sitting in my loo, listening to the clock there...put up to prevent my sister from spending too much time there...

I miss my double bed...

I miss being lazy....

I miss going for walks late at night, knowing fully well that I was obviously safe, cz i was at home, and nothing could ever happen there...

I miss the freedom of being at home..unlike in a hostel where they bar your to bottom! where they lock ur terrace...even as they talk of gender equality but let the boys do anythng, using their dicks as the perfect excuse.

I miss normal people who dont assume i am a drunkard....

I miss friends who dont stab you in the back even as they smile at you...

I miss people with issues that were fun to analyze (Like T and her Boy-less-ness and Di and her i-m-a-carpet mentality) unlike people with issues that jus plain drive you up the wall (the 'il-make-your-decisions-for-you' and the 'somebody treat me like a slave pls')...

I miss the sweet stupidity and the innocent gossip...

I miss Home. so much. Miss you all :(

Friday, 12 October 2007


Cigarette butts mock at me,
Why can’t I make ‘em see?
By the glowing, fiery embers,
I have no choice but flee.

I cannot breathe, I cannot live;
I cannot live and see,
I cannot watch you give
Your life up into eternity..

Dying embers lead me wonder,
What hope is there for me?
Dying embers, thoughts to ponder,
And this too bear shall we!

weird and random thoughts jumbled and unfurled...too many times u care too much about ppl who dont care...
really sad!