Friday, 28 October 2011

sunshine, I hate you.

If I were to make a reeeeaaaalllllly long list of my favourite people, you still wouldn be on it.

Whats surprising is the people who would be. I thought I dint like you (not the same you as above) at all. But it seems you’re still on my list of fave folks. Not an uplifting sunny thought.

You know how theres this category of fine folks who’re jus plain nasty to the world but the world jus LOVES them. Yup! You’re one of those. You’ve been nasty, you’ve played around, you’ve fooled with best friends and girlfriends and groupies alike. You’ve not been there. You’ve discarded me like a pair of old shorts. You’ve never called back. You’ve led me to believe you’da call tonight but you never did. And YET. The world loves you. I do too. The world knows what a nasty lil cock sucker you been…and it still loves you. Because every once in a while you say things like “I wish you would jus hit me.” “do you hate me now?” etc etc which makes people want to like you. Understand you. Its cz u let people think that being an asshole is as painful to you as much as it is to them. HAH. Fat load you know. Its not as painful to you as it is to me. You broke my heart. You made me cry. I wish I did not like you.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Original Post dates back to July, 2011.

Batman Begins-The Animated Series has an episode titled The Clock King, which inspires one to think of how man has timed his life. Cut every little thing into hours and minutes and seconds….

How long would you like the eulogy to last? How many hours does a mass take? How long before I can expect a call from you? Can we speak for 10 more minutes?

Not everything is about these little segmentations…sure they help, but should life be as ‘scheduled’ as that? I mean…how many minutes can you spare to smile at someone you see? A second’s consideration for what you say and how it may hurt or help someone….jus a lil bit more time.

I have a lot of time on my hands. Nothing to do and nothing to account for my days. I have no need for a clock or a time device.

But I follow it through out my day. 15 minutes faster than standard time so I don’t miss anything. What could I possibly miss? I have nothing to account for.